Academic excellence, Godly standards, and uncompromised Biblical truths are the cornerstones of Gateway Academy.  Our faith-based teaching philosophy is centered in the Biblical view, to train each child cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Appreciation for Fine Arts and Foreign Language is instilled through the integration of art, music, Spanish, physical education and Chapel into our classrooms. Our low student to teacher ratios allows us to provide opportunities for individualized instruction, as well as consistent discipline.  Although teachers are free to supplement Gateway's curriculum elements as best fits their teaching style and student needs, the curriculum elements listed below are our main curriculum tools.

As a private Christian school, Gateway Academy has the unique opportunity to select the strongest programs for each subject area. We have chosen the A Beka curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears and Saxon Mathematics for our foundational curriculum in K3, PreK and Kindergarten.  Our preschool classrooms are designed around the developmental needs of our students. Young children learn best when new information is presented to them in a format that is hands-on and manipulative in nature so they can experience their learning with all of their senses. Our classrooms are structured in a format that engages children in these types of discovery activities for the majority of their day.