As parents, you want God’s best for your children. That is also our desire at Gateway Academy. Solidly grounded in God’s Word, Gateway Academy provides a Christ-centered environment for academic excellence where children can flourish and grow into the individuals God intends them to be. Coming alongside the Christian family, Gateway Academy provides an atmosphere where students are challenged to further refine their pursuit of godly character within their families, churches, schools, and communities. This godly character is the foundation our students build upon as they advance in the call God places on their lives.

“Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” 
Amos 3:3



We commit to co-labor with our parents and students in living under the authority and by the will of God. In all our dealings, we pursue the Holy Spirit through His Word. This forms the foundation and determines the direction of Gateway Academy. As parents and teachers, we commit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives and to raising our kids to know Him. This commitment is evident by our love and sacrifice.


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