"Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established. By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches."  - Proverbs 24:3-4

No responsibility as a parent is more precious than teaching our children to grow in wisdom and in knowledge as they grow in stature and walk towards the plans God has for them.  And, during no other years is this more true than the middle school years, when cultivating a strong identity in Christ and establishing healthy life and academic practices are vital.

Gateway Academy's middle school program consists of children in 6th - 8th grades.  Middle school is a thrilling and challenging time of transition as students move from the structure of elementary school and begin to prepare for the increased responsibilities of high school. Our 6th-8th grade team recognizes the importance of carefully crafting programs and individualizing instruction to help students flourish academically, spiritually, physically, and socially. 

To build on the foundation laid in our elementary program, our middle school curriculum continues to place a high importance on language arts skill development.  Developing skillful, thoughtful readers and writers is key to our middle school team.  Our language arts instructors aim to enhance and improve students' abilities to examine literature and to articulate their observations in a written format.  Prominence is placed on the study of literature inside our middle school curriculum and students are challenged to include a Biblical worldview when analyzing and interpreting written text.

The middle school years are also a time for students to formulate mathematical fluency and explore a variety of disciplines in the worlds of science and social studies.  Earth, life, and physical science; world history, world geography, American history and civics, Spanish, visual arts, and daily study of God's Holy Bible round out our middle school core subjects.  Elective classes each week help students shine in areas of student leadership, missionary cultivation, artistic and visual arts, yearbook, fitness and technology.

Monitoring student growth and learning needs is of extreme importance to us here at Gateway Academy.  To this end, all of our middle school students participate annually in the nationally-normed TerraNova Achievement Test.  This assessment allows our teachers to administer benchmark testing, monitor growth and identify any specific learning gaps or needs in our student’s development.

Gateway Academy is built upon the cornerstone of a biblical perspective from which students learn to view the world andtheir role in it.  Classrooms that feature leading technology, together with carefully selected curriculum, research-based instructional practices, and educational professionals called by God to Gateway are the backbone of Christian education at Gateway Academy.

We would love to partner with you as your middle school student identifies and prepares for his or her God-given destiny.  If you would like to schedule a tour, please call us at 850.654.9095 or email Brittany Smith at smith@destinygatewayacademy.com.